El Confital

Quality: 10 out of 10 stars

Level: Experienced Surfers

Distance to Hostel: 2km

Crowds: can be crowded when perfect, not crowded with small waves

Wave: Fast take off, short, shallow tubes

Tides: High Tide

Bottom:  ReefBreak

We are talking about one of the best right-handers of Europe. Due to several reasons this breath-taking adrenaline spots is nothing for beginners. First of all because its a very fast wave. If you fall in the wrong moment you can hit the shallow reef or get eaten by some of the next sets.

The reef is a real tube machine! If it get really good we don´t recommend you to go there as the locals won´t let you take any waves, and if you do so, you could get into problems (no violence, “only” shouting).

Thats why we recommend your guests to go there in smaller conditions and early in the morning. Its like a 30 min walk from our hostel, quite far but really worth it.

Apart from the surf the Confital Beach is a real, pristine beauty. If you go there during the week sometimes you will have the whole beach for you. On the weekend locals like to party there and to barbecues. Its a real canarian place with authentic atmosphere.

Bring some food with you & spend half day there after the suring. You will come back to our hostel totally relaxed!

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