La Barra

Quality: 7 out of 10 stars

Level: Experienced Intermediates

Distance to Hostel: 100 meters

Crowds: not crowded

Wave: Fast take off, short, shallow tubes

Tides: High Tide

Bottom:  ReefBreak

You can watch this wave from the rooftop of our hostel! Actually there is several breaks over the more than 1km long reef. The reef is located like 300 meters from the shore. You can paddle out there right in front of our hostel.

The break just in front hostel is mainly surfed by bodyboarders but there is another break like 500 meters to the left which is also surfed by surfers.

With the low tide you can walk on the reef and check out the bottom. Actually its quite fun to walk there and see the city from a “Boat-perspective”. We would recommend you to explore the reef with one of our snorkeling equipments. The reef is full of colourful fishes :)

Only for very experienced surfers as its very shallow water and fast wave.

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