El Lloret

Quality: 9 out of 10 stars

Level: Experienced Intermediates

Distance to Hostel: 900 meters

Crowds: crowded (especially with low tide)

Wave: Fast take off, than easy, long, playful righthander

Tides: Low Tide

Bottom: Pointbreak

One of our favourite waves of the island! Holds up to 4 meters waves. Very long and playful. The waves gives you time for some turns. Even if big, its not a violant wave!

Due to its high quality and can be pretty crowded on very good days. To avoid the masses and sometimes bit radical locals go there at mit-tide. Be careful entering and leaving the water. Can be quite trick and scary when its big. Be careful not to get to far to the right (when leaving) because otherwise you are stuck without possibilty to leave the water.

If its big you will really need a good duck dive to get out of the danger zone fast :)

If you are luck you can get the ride of your life here. Locals are quite protective with this wave so wait your turn and don´t get angry if they drop on your wave :)

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