La Cicer

Quality: 7 out of 10 stars

Level: Beginners

Distance to Hostel: 500 meters

Crowds: Very crowded (international people, good vibes)

Wave: Right & Lefthanders, Fast

Tides: Between High & Low Tide

Bottom: Beachbreak

This spot is the centre of Gran Canarias Surf Vibe. Its located at the western end of Las Canteras Beach. You can find several breaks there. Generally its a very fast wave but depending on conditions can also provide long rides.

Our Quiksilver Partner Surfschool is offering classes for beginners at this beach and you can also rent out equipment for experienced surfers with them.

We would recommend you to go there early in the morning to avoid crowds! After the surfing enjoy the good vibes in surfer bars like “Cafe Central”, “Mumbai” or the new “Lennys Bar”.

For us La Cicer is one of the most consistant spots we have even seen with waves nearly 365 days per year. Its perfekt to train in the whitewater and do your first steps as a surfer!