Barranco de Moya

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One of the  main advantages of Moya Valley is that its only a few minutes car drive away from our hostel. Although its so close to the hostel it still provides you a very authentic and deep nature experience.

Only the sound of the little creek and waterfall plus the sining of the birds will be your company while you climb some beautiful climbing tracks. Right next to the waterfall (at the end of sector 2) you can find some perfect tracks for warming up.

Our favourite tracks in the 2nd sector are the tracks “Uno pa ca uno” (6b) & el “chau chau de la piva” (6b). More info in our Climbing Guide (avaialble at reception, but only in Spanish).

We recommend you to bring a towel and swimming suite because especially in the winter monts there is enough water to have a swim in a natural waterfall. When you come back to the hostel from Moya you will feel like you travelled to another dimension: )

How to get there by car?

You have to take the road from Las Palmas to Gáldar. Drive for like 15 minutes and then turn right towards San Felipe. At the next roundabout take the second exit. After a few minutes you have to stop right under a the huge bridge of the highway. After crossing the small bridge of the road you are driving on you can park to the left under some big tree.

How to continue hiking?

At the beginning you have to stay on the very right side of the valley. After a few minutes you will come to some old “Aqueduct” full of water and a bit dangerous of falling down.. THere is another option to walk around it (just walk a bit up the hill before the water system starts). After a few minutes you will be in the first section with an ruin house.

But you should try also the 2nd sector which is another 10 minutes more walkin. Again on the right side of the valley. First you have to cross some big fallen rocks and stones (see pics). Then you pass “vegetation tunnel” and walk a bit up the hill to the right side. A narrow hiking trail will lead you to the second sector. When you arrived at a little waterfall with swimming basin you will have reached the end.