FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How can I make a binding reservation?

As soon as you’ve filled in the book now form on our website, your place in La Ventana Azul Surf House is reserved. You’ll get more information on Gran Canaria and the surfing possibilities with the e-mail confirmation of your booking. This reservation is binding and if you cancel less than 1 week before your arrival there will be a 50% cancellation fees.

How to get to Gran Canaria?

Amazingly cheap flights to Gran Canaria Right now, Ryanair has without a doubt the best deals for cheap transfer to the Canary Islands. Condor and Easyjet often made the runner up, but could not beat Ryanair. If you want to fly from London Gatwick (LGW) or Basel-Freiburg (BSL), Easyjet might be a more convenient option, but otherwise Ryanair is most likely the airline of your choice.

There are multiple options to fly to Gran Canaria, we compared flights from Germany,UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. The return flights from Gran Canaria can be found at the end of the list. Including your leave and return flight, you can travel to Gran Canaria and back for less than 85,- € (Bremen, 20.June – 04.July). The most expensive fare around here was 130,- € (Eindhoven, 20.June – 04.July). Generally flights are cheaper in the winter!

How to get from the airport to our hostel?

After your baggage claim you will arrive at the lower floor of the arrival terminal. Turn right, enter the escalator to the upper platform and you will arrive at the area for all kinds of public transport. If you have arranged airport pickup in advance, our driver Orlando (contact us here to book him) will wait for you in the lower floor hallway.

On the 1st floor you find the bus stop and taxis waiting. Enter Line 60 to San Telmo/Santa Catalina, that leaves the airport every 30 minutes. But be aware, only buses that depart on the hour will give you the full ride. The ones departing on the half hour, end in San Telmo. It costs 2,90 € to get to Santa Catalina, which is the final stop on the line and your destination to get to La Ventana Azul, our beachhouse Hostel Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

If you decide to skip the bus ride and to go by taxi, it’s about 30 € for the way from the Airport to Las Palmas or about 5 € from San Telmo. You can order your cab in advance, or calculate the cost for your ride here. Since we dont charge any additional night fee we recommend to use our airport pickup service because our driver will bring you even to the door of our Beach Hostel.

Insider: Buy your ticket from the bus driver, not from the crappy vending machine at the bus stop.

How to get from Santa Catalina bus station to Playa de Las Canteras?
Arriving at Santa Catalina bus station after a 30 min. bus ride, enter street level and walk across the Santa Catalina parque towards “Calle Nicolás Estévez” and down the road for 750m. Watch out for road signs, pointing in direction of “Playa Las Canteras“. As soon as you arrive on the beach promenade (Paseo de Las Canteras) turn left and follow it for another 100 m.

Your last Steps on the way to the Hostel
On the Paseo de Las Canteras, make sure the street numbers are decreasing. As soon as you arrive at number 53, turn left and say welcome to our beachfront house. Check out the hotels location here.

For any questions regarding your transfer from Gran Canaria Airport to our Las Palmas Hostel feel free to contact us at any time. Telefon: +34 635 878 984 or fill out our contact form.

Check out time?

Check out Time is at 12 a.m.but if there is no new arrival occupying your bed we are quite relaxed and tolerant with the check out time. You can also leave your luggage with us until the evening without any additional costs, if you want to enjoy your last hours on the island without worrying and carrying around your luggage.

How can I cancel my reservation?

If you do it more than 7 days your stay you can cancel it without any costs. After that we will charge a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel on the day of your arrival we will take a 100% of cancellation fee. Sorry but lately we had many persons booking like one week and then saying the same day that they will only stay 1 night. So if you are not sure how long to stay with us, only book the mininum nights: normally (except Christmas) you can always extend your stay.

Cleaning service in the hostel

We clean our hostel several times per day but we expect you to cooperate with us and clean your own dishes etc. Please also wash your feet at the beach (there is a “feet shower” just in front of our hostel) and try not to extend the beach until our hostel by bringing sand there 😉

Do we have laundry facilities?

Yes we do. For an extra pay of 5€ you can wash your cloths with us and hang them to dry on our roof top with sea view.

Does the hostel supply free linen?

Yes of course! We think its a shame to charge extra for linens!

Can I bring pets?

Unfortunately pets aren’t allowed at La Ventana Azul. Except dinousaurs :)  This is a consideration of other guests who may be allergic, as well as the logistics of pets staying. We do however accept registered assistance dogs – please stipulate this when booking.

Do we supply food

At the moment not. We consider its not necessary because we are surrounded by affordable, international and local restaurants (check them out on our neighbourhood map). Get out enjoy the Surf City! But we do organize weekly barbecues! Feel free to ask our staff about this.

Do we have a printer?

Yes we do and best of all: you can print out for free your flights ticket with us.

Where can you find us on Facebook & Youtube

Yes we do have one with thousands of fans. Click here to get to know them. And also check out our YouTube Channel.

Can I cook in La Ventana?

We think that one of the most beautiful things and best ways of getting to know the other travellers is to cook together! Thats why we not only offer a fully equipped kitchen but also a barbecue area on our roof top. Our kitchen is opened from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Is there any events in the hostel?

We do organize live music (with the sound of the ocean as background), tapas nights, barbecues, movie nights, sport activities, yoga etc. – check out a full list of activities with prices here.

Am I allowed to drink alcohol in the hostel?

Absolutely. We even have various common areas (both with sea view and the sound of the ocean) to enjoy a drink with friends. There are many bars bars within walking distance. If you are over 18 feel free to bring your own alcohol. We also put some smooth music until 10 p.m. on our roof top to create a social atmosphere. After then we will turn of the music and there will only be left the sound of the ocean for you. We are not really sorry about that fact.

Do we offer parking?

No we don ́t. But we know some places where you most likely will always get a free spot for your car. But we have to admit that the parking situation is not one of the strongest points of Las Palmas. We would really recommend you not to rent a car at the airport because it can be really stressfull to find a parking spot without knowing the city at all. Better rent the car after arrival on our reception.

Can I rent a car in your hostel?

Yes! We do cooperate with the most reliable car rental in town with a special price of 25,00 € per day for Ventana Azul guests. We also have lots of information in the hallway about the best & most beautiful places to visit on Gran Canaria . If you rent your car with other hostel guests it might be even cheaper than exploring the island by public transport!

Attention: many car rentals do not offer full insurance! And worst of all: they don’t inform you about this fact. So if you have an accident you will have to pay the full amount of the damaged car. If you book the car with La Ventana Azul you will not have to worry about anything. Full insurance, good price, quality cars. Also available: roof rack for your surfboards.

What kind of people will I meet at La Ventana?

With Ventana Azul you will share your holiday with backpackers, surfers, gap year travellers and owners with local knowledge. No matter if you are travelling alone or as a group La Ventana Azul is the place to be in Las Palmas for international guests of all ages. We think 40% of our guests are beginners or experienced surfers but we also get lots of climbers, sailors, divers or just lovers of the beach and warm climate. We are a place where human beings (no sheeps sorry) of all ages feel comfortable. What counts for us is to be young at heart and be respectful to the persons that share the most precious time of your year with you. Get to know our team here.

What are our most important rules?

  • Help us to keep the hostel clean
  • Respect the night silence starting from 10 p.m.
  • Be tolerant and respectful with all other guests and our team
  • Don’t loose your manners after having maybe one or two beers too much
  • live the moment and have fun
  • Treat La Ventana Azul as its your home
  • Treat our team and the locals the way you would like to be treated

Which is the cheapest way to stay in La Ventana?

We offer very special discounts of up to 30% off in the months of May and June. During the rest of the year our 6 beds dorm “Trinidad” is the cheapest way to stay with us. We do also offer special prices for groups.

What about long term stays?

We would say that 60% of guests who booked their stay with us stay longer than initially booked! If you stay longer than one month we would recommend you our long term house just around the corner with very special prices. It will help you to save a lot of money and love this island more and more every day. But be aware: you might never go back home – just like us!

Do we have male/female dorms?

If you want to share only with guests of your own gender we will do our best to put you into a male/ female dorm. Just inform us on time that you don’t want to share with boys/girls.

Do I have to share the bathroom?

Yes all our bathrooms are shared. The rooms Boquines & El Frontón have private bathrooms in their room so you will share it with less people.

Is breakfast included?

At the moment we decided not to offer a free and basic breakfast. You can have a very cheap and good breakfast just in front of our hostel in a french bakery. If you want a healthy breakfast we can recommend you where to get cheap and fresh fruit of the season and grown on the island!

Are taxes included in the price?

Unfortunately for us yes :-). We pay them for you. So no bad surprises of additional fees at your arrival.

Do we offer lockers?

Yes we do offer some spacious lockers! If you dont bring your own lock you can get one for a deposit pay of 10€ which will be given back at the moment when you give us back your lock. If you loose it we will have to keep the money to buy a new one.

Can I take my own surfboard with me?

Some airlines transport surfboards free of charge provided your total baggage weight is under 20 kg (plus 5 kg hand luggage). But please check out with your airline beforehand since they do seem to take things as they come and decide as they like (make sure they know it is a ‘real’ surfboard, to avoid mix-ups with wind surfboards). Another option is to rent a surfboard from our partner the Oceanside Surf School. If you rent it for several days you will get quite a big discount!

How to get around in Las Palmas?

The locals love their “Guaguas”,  public buses that connect the city residents with the neighboring districts . The connections run regularly and on time. A ticket strip for 10 rides is currently available for 7.50 €. A single ticket costs € 1.40 , a monthly pass for students only 28 , – € .

Taxi fares are relatively low – a ten minute ride will cost you around 5-6 €. If you are sharing a taxi with four people, its usually cheaper than 4 individual tickets for the bus.

What to do in Las Palmas?

Well firstly there are endless number of sports such as surfing, beach volleyball, rock climbing, body boarding, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, diving, biking, paragliding and much more. Check out activities here!

Its also a really lively place for parties, and you will probably meet lots of students in bars and clubs like ” 3 x 1 ” (tres por uno) , the Bar Limbo , Saturday on the Plaza de la Musica or at the tapas night in Vegueta. Check out bars & discos on our neighboorhood map.

Our insider tip: not only visit the Canteras Beach but the pristine Confital beach which is an oasis of relax and nature in the middle of the city. You will find a nearly untouched volcanic landscape and one of Europes best right-hander waves. You should not miss the view point above Confital beach and its prehispanic cave system of ancient canarien aborigenes. If you like shopping dont miss the shopping mall “Las Arenas” right next to Las Canteras Beach. Watch out for amazing discounts in July and after Christmas!

How to visit other Canary Islands?

Las Palmas is the perfect base to visit ALL other Canarian Islands which are all different to one another. Basically you’ve got the option of daily flights or ferries. The cheapest (but also slower) ferry company is Naviera Armas, whereas Fred Olsen is much faster but also a bit more expensive.

Gran Canaria – Tenerife: The Ferries leave four times a week and the crossing takes between 2 1⁄2 and 4 hours. The operating ferry companies are Naviera Armas and Transmediterranea. Return tickets cost between 45 and 80€ per person (car not included). Logically flights are much faster and also not as expensive as you would think. You can fly to Tenerife for 40€ in average with Binter Canarias.
Gran Canaria – Fuerteventura The Ferries leave six times a week and the crossing takes between 3 1⁄2 and 7 hours. The operating companies are Naviera Armas and Fred Olson. Return tickets cost between 60 and 90€ per person (car not included). You can fly to Fuerteventura – Puerto de Rosario for 40€ in average with Binter Canarias.

Gran Canaria – Lanzarote The Ferries leave six times a week and the crossing takes between 7 1⁄4 and 9 1/2 hours. The operating companies are Naviera Armas and Transmediterranea Return tickets cost between 70 and 110€ per person (car not included). You can fly to Lanzarote -Areceiffe for 40€ in average with Binter Canarias Airways.

Gran Canaria – La Palma The Ferries leave two times a week and the crossing takes between 14 1⁄2 and 19 hours. The operating companies are Naviera Armas and Transmediterranea. Return tickets cost between 60 and 120€ per person (car not included). You can fly to La Palma – Santa Cruz for 60€ in average with Binter Canarias Airways.

Is Las Palmas a safe city?

Las Palmas is a modern city by European standards, and generally very safe. However, the economic crisis and underemployment have in the past led to an increase in non violent crime. The risk of being a victim of an organized crime, is not higher than in other European cities of comparable size. One should nevertheless never forget to lock his bike and don’t let your stuff out off sight on the beach.
Pickpocketing is an issue at events like the Carnival, but also in bars, clubs or social groups on the promenade or the beach (wherever it gets crowded). We do offer lockers in our hostel so that you can leave your valuable stuff at home!

Is Las Palmas a cheap/expensive city?

The cost of living in Spain are generally cheaper than in Central Europe, which is mainly due to favorable fuel prices. The Canaries are indeed far from the producing mainland, but it is a tax- advantaged zone. Especially gasoline, but also cigarettes, electronic devices like computers, drinks in the bars and many Spanish brands in retail are quite cheap.

Visit Las Palmas in summer or winter?

The best time to experience Las Palmas is clearly the winter. The best weather in Gran Canaria is from September to December with temperatures up to 30 degrees, clear skies and perfect waves. From December starts the “rainy season” (with still many hours of sunshine per day), which means it rains a few days a month for less than an hour. Although the rainfall is very low, this is sufficient nevertheless to transform the center and the north of the island in a beautiful flowery paradise.

Green fields and forests , gushing waterfalls , singing birds and sheep populate the, in summer rather barren regions of Gran Canaria . Even though it makes little difference for beginners , experienced surfers can always be found on Gran Canaria rather in winter, as this time of year there is a more constant and larger swell. Have a look at some pics of the island.

May and June are also nice months to visit the island as you can find very special offers for accommodation (in our hostel up to 30% of discount), there is still good waves and als always warm temperatures.

Surfing in Las Palmas?

Las Palmas is in short a really good goal and is equally appreciated by both beginners and experienced surfers. With about 12 spots in and around the city and over 50 different Gran Canaria Surf Spots on all coasts of the island, you will find a surfable wave 365 days a year. Check out our Las Palmas Surfspot Guide.

The legendary north shore of Gran Canaria is only scarce twenty minutes from Las Palmas. In the city the pros go at suitable conditions for surfing for ” El Lloret ” or “El Confital” on the western or eastern end of the bay in front of Las Canteras . At our home beach ”Las Canteras” on the spot ”La Cicer” you will find proper conditions to hold surf lessons all year round.

Our guests receive a special offer from our partner, the “Ocean Side Surf School” . It is usually easy and cheap to buy a used board in one of the surf shops, at Cash Converter or the Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. You can find some surfspots close to our hostel on our Neighboorhood Map.

How do i pay for my stay?

At the moment we only accept cash & paypal payments, there are plenty of atms in the area. You have to pay on or before arrival.

What do I do with my valuables?

For every bed in our Surfhostel there is also a locker available, free of charge.

Will i need a plug adaptor?

All sockets are European standardised with 220V output. Bring your adapter if your devices have other standards. But every adaptor can also be bought here cheaply.

Towels are included & available in the hostel?

Every guest can get two towels for free. One for the beach, one for the bathroom.

Bedlinen are included & available in the hostel?

Bed linen is provided and is changed regularly (with night temperatures of around 19-23°C you won’t need a sleeping bag or the like.

Do you have Internet/Wifi?

There is free high speed wireless internet available in every room in the hostel and also on the rooftop terrace.

Do i need a wetsuite to surf on Gran Canaria?

In summer the water temperature in Gran Canaria reaches up to 24° C (August & September), with air temperature around 30° you’ll be surfing for hours with nothing but your boardshorts. From November the water and air temperatures drop slightly, though you will never need more than 3.4mm wetsuit even in the coolest conditions.

When should I book the surfschool?

We recommend you to book your surf classes already before your stay in order to garantee you a free spot in our Quiksilver partner surfschool.
For absolute beginners we recommend our 5-day Learn-To-Surf package. This way you save a lot of time and avoid making mistakes that are difficult to straighten out later on. If you can handle a take-off and manage to surf standing to the beach ahead of a roll, you do not need to attend surf school and your best bet is our surf guiding. You’ll learn lots simply by practice and the many tips and help our surf guides will give you.

Are the Gran Canaria waves ok for beginners?

The endless surf spots on Gran Canaria have the right wave for all levels. Las Canteras beach and the surfspot la Cicer offer the perfect mellow and sandy beachbreaks that are good for learning to surf. If the swell comes from east we can visit beach breaks like “Las Terrazas” or “Playa del Hombre”, only a 20 minutes drive away. If the swell comes south we can visit the beach breaks of Maspalomas and Playa Ingles (40 minutes drive away). But aproximately 300 days per year the swell is coming from the north, which means just in front of our Beach Hostel.

What´s the weather like on Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria enjoys year round warmth and sunshine with very little seasonal variation. Summers are hot and dry while winters are just slightly cooler with a few showers. The island is the third largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, often called ‘Islands of Eternal Spring’ due to their enviable climate. The Canaries sit far south of mainland Spain, close to the west coast of Northern Africa.

The islands’ southerly location, on the same latitude as the Sahara, means they are much warmer than mainland Spain in the winter. However, they are generally much cooler than might be expected at this latitude due to the surrounding sea, the cool Canary Current and northeast trade winds.

The Telegraph: “In 1996 the climatologist Thomas Whitmore of Syracuse University published his Pleasant Weather Ratings and declared Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the city with the best climate in the world.”

What kind of food is there in Las Palmas?

There is no end of variations. The Canarios love their little tavernas and tappas bars with tipical spanish food, but you can also find italian, indian, arabic and chinese restaurants as well as a lot of international fast food chains. You can eat something different every day for months and everything just in walking distance to our Las Palmas Beach Hostel.

We do have special agreements with bars like “La Bikina” where our guests get a free drink after having a menue there. Other of our favourite restaurants are “Tico Tico” Bar and “La Eminencia”, both famous for their good and generous local food. You can find more restaurants on our Neighboorhood Map.

What kind of clothes should I take with me?

If its for the climate you could also come naked :). NO seriously now: As a rule, during the day, you can go around in a bikini or board shorts and flip flops. In the evening when you go out to eat, a T-shirt, shirt and long trousers are a good idea. If you want to visit the mountains of Gran Canaria (up to 1.950 meters high) don ́t forget a jacket for morning and evening hours!

Which insurance should I take out?

Everyone should have a travel health insurance. Apart from treatment expenses and drugs on location, this also covers return transport by an emergency service. This costs about 20 €. A must for everyone and mostly valid for a whole year! Apart from a travel health insurance, you can also take out a casualty insurance (hospital daily benefits or even a pension in a worst case scenario) and a travel and baggage insurance.

What activities does the hostel offer?

Trips around the island (vulcano, natural pools, surfguiding), mountainike tours, paragliding, hiking, climbing, canyoning, kayak, via ferrata, diving, body boarding … Free activities: longboards, snorkeling gear, skimboards,beach volleyball net, tapas night. More information about activities in Gran Canaria here.

Does the hostel offer surf boards & wetsuites for rent?

Our partner the Ocean Side Surf School is just a few minutes away and they’ll hook you up with some profesional and fancy equipment provided by Roxy and Quiksilver. You can book it all on our reception or even before your stay filling out our contact form.

Can I smoke in the hostel?

You can smoke on the rooftop terrace. Inside the hostel smoking is not allowed.