Surfspots Las Palmas

Las Palmas, also know as the Surf City, has to offer 12 surfspots inside the city. There is a wide selection of different waves that adapt to beginners, indermediates and pros.

In this little guide you will find the perfect wave for you. Also with the detailed information about locals, tides & how to get in and out of the wave. Enjoy! And of course the distance to our hostel (most of the waves are in walking distance).

Your safety is most important for us so we are also giving lots of information about the dangers as well as the beauty of each wave of our beautiful Surf City Las Palmas! Also feel free to ask as any questions you might have in our Contact Page.

La Cicer

Very consistent Beachbreak – perfect all year around for Beginners. Also our Surfclasses take place here. Its quite crowed, especially on the weekends. But if you go there early in the  morning you will be surprised how empty it is. Lots of breaks there, so crowds spread. I want to know more!

El Lloret

Next step could be this wave. Its right next to Canteras Beach. Very long and playful righthander. Trick entrance over big round stones. Works with low tide. Can be very crowded and a bit stressy with the locals. Insider: go there after or before low tide because locals won´t be there :) I want to know more!

Los Muellitos

Slower and longer wave than at “La Cicer”. Quite long way to paddle out but its an easy wave and perfect to step up to next level after surfing the Beachbreak. Generally a left-hander. Can be more difficult and aggresive wave when it gets bigger. A board with a lot of volume is perfect to make the most of this underestimated wave.

La Barra

Literally in front of our hostel! Very fast and steep, breaking over a Reef. Nothing for beginner but good for experienced intermediates! Not crowded. Works with high tide. Good for a short board because fast and shallow tubes. The reef is not sharp so its not really dangerous. But protect your head when fallign still :) I want to know more!

La Puntilla

Surfed next to some Lava Rocks at the square “La Puntilla”. Its not a high quality wave but still can be fun sometimes. Not crowded. Entrance a bit scary beause of the rocks but not really dangerous. Best at high, mit-tide. 10 minutes walk from the hostel.

El Confital

Best wave of the island. Pretty fast, tubing right-hander. Breaking over shallow reefs with strong currents if big. Don´t go there on the best days, you will get troubles with locals (if you are not Kelly Slater). But on smaller days sometimes it can be surprisingly empty! Located at a beautiful, pristine beach. I want to know more!

San Cristobal

East coast of Las Palmas. 4km away from hostel, so car needed (public bus is a hassle). Can be a good option if the northshore is too big. Pretty fast waves in this fishers distric, very beautiful little village inside the city with nice fish restaurants. Not crowded. Breaking on reef with mid-high tide.

La Laja 1

Fist spot at the beginning of “La Laja” Beach. There is several breaks here. One at the beach (also good for beginners) and one out on a reef which is very short and shallow reef: tube-machine. Beautiful 3km long black-sanded beach. Beach break at mid-tide, reef break at high tide.

La Laja 2

Located at the other end of the beach. Lefts & rights. Not a high quality wave but can give you some short fun-rides. This area is protected from wind, so can be cleaner than other parts of the east coast. Not crowded and works with everyting but high tide. Not a very consistant spot, usually works with East, North-East Swell.