Best Events 2016 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas with its more than 450.000 inhabitants is famous for its events throughout the whole year. Due to its perfect climate most of these events can happen outdoor. For sure the Carnival of Las Palmas – maybe after Rio de Janeiro the biggest of this planet – is the most outstanding happening of the year.

But also other events like the Las Palmas Film Festival, the Jazz Festival, “La Noche de San Juan” (longest night of the year on the 24th of June) or the Canarian Surf Film Festival are really worth a visit.

In this section we would like to inform you about everything that is going on in Las Palmas, a city with inhabitants from 120 countries all over the world: a true melting pot between europan, african and south american culture.

Check out this shote video of Las Palmas – Canary Islands “Events Capital”!

Carnival Las Palmas

Carnival Las Palmas

29.01. – 21.02. 2015

The highlight of the year! All the main & best events take place on Santa Catalina square (5min walk from hostel). But there is also a parade passing by just in front of our hostel! Don´t miss one of the biggest Carnivals of this planet. More info!

Film Festival Las Palmas

Film Festival Las Palmas

14.03. – 21.03. 2016

During this International Film Festival you can see many independent and alternative movies in open air locations. Some of them of FREE ENTRANCE. Very good oportunity to enjoy the surf, beach & sun and some of the best new movies far away from mainstream!



04.03. – 06.03. 2016

Every year more and more hardcore runners participate in this crazy 125km long race crossing the mountains of Gran Canaria from South to North! The runners have to challenge an elevation of 8.000 meters. But there is also more light versions of this fantastic race from 17km to 83 km. Check: TransGranCanaria

“Noche San Juan”

San Juan Las Palmas

24.06. 2016

This night the locals not only celebrate the shortest night of the year but also is the day Las Palmas was foundet about 500 years ago. Right in front of our hostel a big, big party with thousands of locals starts. Its one of the few nights a year where barbecues, music & party are allowed on Las Canteras Beach!

Canary Surf Film Festival

01.10.- 03.10.

This new & dynamic Canary Surf Film Festival takes places on 6 of the 7 Canary Islands. Its a wonderful oportunity to not only surf the first autumn swell of the Canaries but also watch some of the greatest new surf movies. Our hostel organizes visits to the Festival. Check out their website!